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Merav’s music describes human emotional life in all its breadth and depth. Her music is therefore very expressive, providing a moving emotional experience to the listener. In addition, Merav’s art has a Zen-like quality, as she strives for music that is very focused, precise, and concise - music that includes only what it is necessary for the expression of the idea, nothing more and nothing less. 

Merav’s sound is a reflection of her uncommon upbringing: straddling Eastern and Western culture, Merav’s unique personality has managed to embrace both cultures, reconcile their differences, and integrate them into a synergetic and engaging musical whole that is entirely her own.

Shepherd's Song for Orchestra and Drums

Merav Cohen-Hadar

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Shepherd's Song for Orchestra and Drums

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Epic and legendary, featuring soaring flutes, strings and drums, creating a heroic, mythical mood.

Short version is available in the Short Versions page.

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